Euros (Cute Euros)

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Tier (PVE / PVP / RAID / WB):

7 / 8 / 6 / 7


· 96 Damage to Target.

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· 342 Damage to Target.

· +900 Barrier (Generates Barrier (absorbs damage before HP is affected) and takes damage for other targets) for 10s to 2 (Priority: Lowest Pure HP) Allies.

· +35% Regen ↑ (Increase the effect of regen skills) for 20s to 2 (Priority: Lowest Pure HP) Allies.

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· 542 Damage to Target.

· 3.1%+22 Recovery (Restore a set amount of HP for a certain duration) for 14s to 2 (Priority: Lowest Pure HP) Allies.

· 70% Chance for Nullify Disable Debuff (Nullify Petrify, Silence, Confuse, Stun, Sleep, and Smite) for 14s to 3 Lowest HP Water Allies.

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· 1604 Damage to 2 Random Enemies.

· 1953 Recovery (Instantly restore a set amount of HP) to 3 (Priority: Lowest Pure HP) Allies.

· Immune (Grant Immunity to all debuff effects; Immediately removes all debuffs) to 3 Any Debuffs Allies.

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· -1 Cooldown Reduced (Decrease the cooldown time of the target's Slide Skills over a certain period of time) to All Water Allies.

· -40% Debuff Duration Cut (Decrease debuff duration) to All Allies [PvP Only].


· Tap scales to 2347 damage, +1508 Barrier, and +57.1% Regen Amount at +6.

· Slide scales to 3719 damage, 4.3%+114 HP Regen, and 90.1% chance at +6.

· Slide and Leader ability are useful in PvP against debuff focused teams, particularly those that use disable debuffs.

· Disable Debuffs includes Petrify, Silence, Confuse, Stun, Sleep, and Smite.

· Weaker against teams without disable debuffs or have high burst damage to go over the top of the heals.

· Good for Level 5 Labyrinth to counter the silences.


Date added(Tokyo): 2021-02-28