Natalis (戦場の天女 ナタリス)

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Tier (PVE / PVP / RAID / WB):

7 / 9 / 5 / 6


· Deal 103 Auto Attack damage to the target (Automatic).


· Deal 405 Damage to 2 random Enemies, 75% chance to remove one buff.

· In PVP, inflict Buff Drain (remove 1 buff from target, Drive Gauge +50 for Allies) to 2 random Enemies.


· Deal 721 Damage to 2 Enemies (Priority: Lowest HP), inflict Guard Buff Blast (last applied guard buff is removed, then deal damage based on its effect type by a factor of x300) and 60% chance to inflict Smite (Stun and Skill Damage DEF -15%) for 5 seconds.

· In PvP, inflict Dancing Blade (DEF-20% and 250 DoT every 2 sec.) to 2 Enemies (Lowest HP) for 14 seconds.


· Deal 2133 Damage to 3 Enemies (Priority: Lowest HP), inflict Buff Blast (last applied buff is removed, then deal damage based on its effect type by a factor of x650) on Enemies (Priority: Buffed) and 80% chance to inflict Allure (Nullify effects of buffs on target, cannot be removed except by specific removal skills) for 16 seconds.


· In PvP, nullify Enemy's leader buff.


· Tap scales to 2609 damage, 80.5% chance and Drive Gauge +63 at +6.

· Slide scales to 4066 damage, x701 factor, and 706 DoT at +6.

· Top tier PvP debuffer with CC (crowd control) and damage tied up in one package.

· Guard blast also gets rid of annoying Immortal buff that would otherwise keep an enemy alive for longer.

· Uncaps are significant to both raise percentage chance to land her Smite, as well as increase her Dancing Blade and Guard Blast damage.

· Ignition Priority: Medium-High.

· Gains additional target at full Ignition, making her much more potent.

· Focus on survivability for her core stats, as she already has enough damage.

· Dancing Blade can stack with itself, so she can be run alongside Lady Bathory.


Date added(Tokyo): 2021-11-11