Ruffian Midas (Ruffian Midas)

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Tier (PVE / PVP / RAID / WB):

7 / 7 / 6 / 7


· 95 Damage to Target.

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· 331 Damage to Target.

· -40% Heal ↓ (Decrease the effect of heal skills) for 20s to 2 Random Enemies.

· -40% Regen ↓ (Decrease the effect of regen skills) for 20s to 2 Random Enemies.

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· 507 Damage to Target.

· 171 Recovery (Restore a set amount of HP for a certain duration) for 14s to 2 (Priority: Lowest Pure HP) Allies.

· 150 Poetic Justice I I to 2 (Priority: Lowest Pure HP) Allies.

· 300 Poetic Justice I (Deal continuous damage based on number of enemy debuffs) to 2 (Priority: Any Debuffed) Enemies.

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· 1529 Damage to 2 Random Enemies.

· 1048 Recovery (Instantly restore a set amount of HP) to 3 (Priority: Lowest Pure HP) Allies.

· 1248 Recovery (Instantly restore a set amount of HP) to 3 Debuff Dot Allies.

· 80% Chance for Death Heal (Inverts the healing effects of heal and regen and converts them into instant damage or continuous damage; Vampirism effects and absorb effects do not deal damage, but also do not heal) for 14s to 3 (Priority: Lowest HP) Enemies.


· -10% Weak Point ATK Weakening II (Decrease the damage of Weak Point attacks) to All Light Enemies.


· A healer that can also deal decent damage for PvP.

· For PvP, Death Heal works well against comps with healers, especially those with Neptune.

· His healing at +6 maxed skill applies 407 hp regen and 406 flat healing (times number of buffs + 1) and deals 3643 damage with a max of 605 (time number of debuffs + 1) damage for Poetic Justice.

· Hybrid healer with damage potential for PvP to focus down and kill debuffed enemy childs.


Date added(Tokyo): 2019-11-15